Women Outdoors – Summer 2004

The Women of Weatherby’s

By KAREN LEE – The name Weatherby’s has a sophisticated ring so the thought of spending a week in one of Maine’s most traditional fish camps scared the heck out of me. I pictured stodgy white-haired man in smoking jackets enjoying cigars after a day on the stream, and I wasn’t sure how this southern blonde who knew little about fly fishing would fit in.


Weatherby’s is tucked away deep in the St. Croix Valley. The main lodge is like something Norman Rockwell would have painted and it overlooks some of the best salmon waters in the country. In the 1800’s Grand Lake Stream, now one of Maine’s legendary fishing towns, was the largest tannery in the nation, and Weatherby’s served as a guest house for businessman. When the tanneries burned in the early 1900’s more cabins were built and the sporting camp came alive.

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