Birding in Downeast Maine

Birding and wildlife watching at Weatherby’s can be very rewarding for experienced and novice birders alike.

The Maine Birding Trail has the following observation about the Grand Lake Stream area:

“Washington County has everything except crowds. It would be one of the most heavily birded areas in America, if America’s birders only knew about it… All of Maine’s most highly sought-after species are found here, sometimes in abundance.”

The Maine Birding Trail includes several sites in the Farm Cove Community Forest and around Grand Lake Stream. Rare bird alerts baybreastedwarbler Maine Bird Watchingand a map of the entire trail are available online.

The call of a loon and the sight of a moose are part of what make a visit to Grand Lake Stream and Maine special.

From water and wetlands to early successional or mature forest, diverse habitat in the Downeast Lakes region supports diverse wildlife. Read about the Downeast Lake Land Trust’s  wildlife habitat management

You can explore on your own or hire on of our guides to take down a river or on the lake to meet your birding goals.

Birds around Grand Lake Stream, Maine range from diverse warblers to several boreal species hard to find in most of the country. The American Bird Conservancy identifies the area as a Globally Important Bird Area with at least 180 species of birds, including 23 warblers, species associated with boreal forest (including black-backed woodpecker, boreal chickadee, gray jay, & spruce grouse) and neotropical migrants.

Download a Bird Checklist.