Grouse and Woodcock Hunts

September 24 brings the start of Grouse and Woodcock hunting in Maine and hunting wild game birds is one of our favorite activities. We specialize in wild ruffed grouse and migratory woodcock hunts.

Just Wild Birds

We do not hunt any raised birds. Our wild birds will challenge the best dogs around and our tight coverts will challenge the best shooters.

We are not numbers oriented, but rather focus on the quality of the hunt, fair chase and good dog work. If all goes well, we get to eat a few birds in the dining room at dinner.

Grouse and Woodcock Hunts in Grand Lake Stream Maine
Maine Ruffed Grouse Hunts in Grand Lake Stream
Maine Woodcock Hunts in Grand Lake Stream

Miles of Gravel Roads

Weatherby’s sits on the edge of more than 1 million acres of forestland with hundreds of miles of gravel roads allowing access to some of the best Maine upland bird hunting in the east.

Opportunities abound for hunting over dogs and coverts are suitable to both pointing and flushing breeds. Spend a day or a week chasing the king of all game birds in the grandeur of a downeast autumn.

Mapping a hunting plan for bird hunting in Maine
Shooting Woodcock in Maine at a sporting camp


Located in the heart of the Atlantic flyway, Weatherby’s also provides opportunities for high quality Maine woodcock hunting that at times can appear limitless.

Whether in alder runs surrounding our countless wetlands, on aspen and birch studded hillsides, or around abandoned and overgrown farms and orchards, the whimsical and legendary timberdoodle is certain to entertain any upland hunter.

Combine a day of Maine grouse and woodcock hunting, a local Registered Maine Guide, good dogs and the glory of a crisp fall day, and you are guaranteed an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Northwoods Grouse Hunting Camp

Want more? Join us for a Maine Northwoods grouse hunting expedition. Most grouse hunters put down their shotguns by the end of October, even though grouse hunting season runs through to the end of December.

We travel to the Allagash in pursuit of ruffed grouse. Lodging will be rustic spike camps in the Allagash region that will be able to accommodate a party of four to six adults.