AOPA – April 2019


By Thomas B Haines. More ‘catching than fishing’.

The bald eagle had been eyeing us for several minutes from atop a tall tree on the Canadian side of the St. Croix River separating Canada and the United States in southeastern Maine.

“We’ll give him some breakfast,” said guide Jeff McEvoy, as he let out a whistle. The eagle cocked his head at the sound as McEvoy tossed a chub into the river 30 feet from our canoe. The mammoth raptor looked on warily for a few beats as the fish floated a little farther from the boat. Just as we thought he was going to disappoint us, he launched off the snag, his massive wings creating a loud whoosh as he swooped down for the fish…and missed! He did a respectable go-around and landed in another snag downstream, still on the Canadian side. A couple of minutes later as the fish slowly drifted downstream, he launched again, this time with success, carrying the chub to another tree for breakfast.


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