Home to the greatest number of working Registered Maine Guides

Maine, unlike many states, has been licensing its guides for more than 100 years and today is known to have the most rigorous standards in the profession.

Grand Lake Stream and Weatherby’s specifically is home to the greatest number of working Registered Maine Guides in the state. Any Registered Maine guide can drive a boat or take you into the woods, but not any Registered Maine Guide can create an experience that you will remember year after year.

Our guides understand that guiding is more than catching fish or shooting game. A great day in the field is defined by camaraderie, conversation, and quiet woods skills that may go unnoticed.

It is defined by local knowledge, natural history, wildlife biology, and conservation. At Weatherby’s, our Registered Maine Guides strive to make your day in the field one that you will remember into the future and one that will stand out among all other guided days you might have had in the past.

Registered Maine Guides at Weatherby's
Grand Lake Canoes bass fishing in Maine

Grand Lake Canoes

Whenever possible, all of our guides fish from locally designed and crafted Grand Lake Canoes, 20 feet long, 4 feet wide cedar plank and rib canoes with a square stern and outboard.

They are unique to our region of Maine and will accommodate two anglers and guide comfortably. Included in your stay is a shore dinner if you fish with a guide.

Our shore dinners are legendary and second to none, consisting of fresh caught fish, meat, potatoes, onions, fresh guide’s coffee, and homemade cookies. You will go home, but you won’t be hungry.

Grouse Hunting Guides

Our Registered Maine upland guides work year-round to find coverts that will hold our wild grouse and woodcock when the season opens October 1.

Although many coverts are located on land with an open access policy, many of our guides utilize private lands with restricted access, allowing you to hunt coverts that others cannot.

Our Registered Maine upland guides utilize a variety of hunting breeds to shoot over and all their dogs are seasoned veterans with wild game birds.

Although you are welcome to hunt your own dogs, don’t shy away from letting the guide put his dog on the ground. Often you will see a marked difference in productivity.

Registered Maine Guides at Weatherby's
Registered Maine Guides at Weatherby's

Big Game Guides

Our Registered Maine big game hunts are just that – hunts. We do not drive the logging roads looking for game. We hunt them where they live in the spirit of fair chase.

Our deer hunts are well scouted and our moose hunts are in the backcountry by canoe or foot. Our Maine guides give the quality of the hunt the highest priority when we take you into the field and work to ensure your hunt is one that you will remember regardless of the outcome.

Registered Maine Guides are not required for you to hunt or fish in Maine, however, we highly recommend one so that you might maximize your time in the field at Weatherby’s and utilize the skills of the best guides in Maine.

No hunting on Sunday in Maine