Maine Conservation Efforts

Weatherby’s is committed to the protection of the natural environment in and around Grand Lake Stream. We support conservation and restoration initiatives throughout the state of Maine. We are proud to support the Downeast Lakes Land Trust and the Woodie Wheaton Land Trust for their commitment to conservation efforts critical to our heritage and traditions.

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust’s mission is to ensure long-term economic and environmental well-being of the Downeast Lakes region through the conservation and exemplary management of its forests and waters.

Maine Conservation Effort with the Downeast Land Trust

In The News:

Downeast Lakes Land Trust Acquires the West Grand Lake Community Forest
The Downeast Lakes Land Trust is pleased to announce the acquisition of the 21,870 acre West Grand Lake Community Forest, completing an eight-year, $19.4 million campaign and fulfilling a 370,000 acre community-led conservation vision in the Downeast Lakes region. The land was purchased from ….