Eastern Fly Fishing – July-August 2013

St Croix River, Maine

By KING MONTGOMERY – The last time I finished Maine’s St. Croix River above Woodland and below Grand Falls Dam, we launched at a ramp built by a local paper mill for public use. While my friend and guide Jeff McEvoy – owner of Weatherby’s, the Fisherman’s Resort, in nearby Grand Lake Stream – loaded the large canoe with our gear, I gazed across the river at New Brunswick, Canada. The river on both the United States and Canada sides is lined with pines, spruce, balsam for, river birch, other assorted hardwoods, and occasional grassland. More than 80% of Maine is covered by forests, and when you look down from high ground or scan an aerial photograph, green forest occupied most of your view. Shades of red, orange, and yellow greet the eyes in the fall as the year yields to winter.

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