DownEast Magazine – 1997

A Stream Runs Through It

By JEFF CLARK – The village of Grand Lake Stream has spent a century earning its reputation as a haven for anglers, and it needs to hold onto it.

In Grand Lake Stream, the stream itself is the loudest sound in town. The tiny village of less than 180 year-round residents sits at the end of the road, 10 miles west of Route One in the middle of Eastern Maine’s deep woods. The forest dominates the town, with tidy homes and summer camps tucked back among the trees so well that they blend into the scenery. Houses and camps alike have a sturdy, no-nonsense air to them, as befits a place where winter lingers well into April, and early May snow flurries aren’t uncommon.

The Pine Tree General Store anchors the Village Center, just below the dam where Grand Lake Stream, the waterway, leaves West Grand Lake on its way to the St. Croix River. A combination post office – town hall occupies the old brown-shingled schoolhouse just down the road, across from the community ball diamond….

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