Fall Fishing is Almost Here!

Late summer smallmouth fishing is here at Weatherby’s in Maine. Cool nights, warm days, a shore dinner and lots of big fish tugging on your lines. That is what you can expect if you come visit this month. The St. Croix River, Big Lake, Spednic Lake, Baskahegan Lake, Grand Falls Flowage – all are producing fish and big ones at that. Fall landlocked salmon fishing will be getting under way in a few weeks and upland bird hunting season to follow. Autumn fishing in New England is not to be missed!

Maine Salmon Fishing

Soon the cool nights and shorter daylight will begin to draw hundreds of salmon from West Grand Lake to the Stream to fulfill their urge to spawn. Our fall fishery brings some of the best quality salmon of the season to the net as these fish have been feeding all summer on smelt in Grand Lake. Typically by the third week of September our salmon run is in full swing and we can fish through October 20 for these beauties.

Upland Bird Hunting in Maine

Upland bird hunting season is just a few short weeks away at Weatherby’s. It is time to dust of the boots, oil up the shot guns and start running the dogs in preparation. All upland hunters know the anticipation and excitement that precedes opening day, but nothing beats getting out into the field with friends and dogs. We don’t take ourselves too seriously around here but we do know how to have fun. Join us for a hunt this fall or try upland bird hunting for the first time. You might just get hooked!

North Woods Grouse Camp

Just when things start to wind down at Weatherby’s in Grand Lake Stream and the fishing season closes, we pack up the trucks, guns and dogs and head north into the Allagash Wilderness Waterway of Maine to hunt grouse for a couple of weeks. We take small parties of lucky hunters that love the call of the big woods and set up in rustic outpost camps on the shores of Spider Lake. Log trucks, moose and the occasional lynx mark the roads while we get back in the woods for some unbelievable numbers of ruffed grouse. Our first week of Grouse Camp also produces good numbers of woodcock as the stragglers make their way south. Good friends, good food, great hunting. This is a hunt second to none!