Fly Fishing is an exciting new hobby that any outdoors lover should consider taking up. It can be as simple as catching pan fish in your backyard or traveling the world to experience exotic destinations and new species of fish. The sport offers more than catching big fish and as stated by some well-known writers it’s about more than catching fish. Here are our tips for new anglers just getting started.

1. Work on your Casting

A great way to work on your casting is to spend time in your backyard or any open space and work on your technique. ORVIS has great resources to learn about casting techniques online. ORVIS produces several great videos. Click here to check some out!

2. Learn your Knots

Nothing is worse than having the perfect cast, the perfect take, and your fly snaps off. Taking the time to learn and master your knots is key. The knots we think are the most important to know is the fisherman’s knot, otherwise known as a clinch knot. This is perfect for tying on flies. Another important knot is the surgeon’s knot, which is good for attaching your tippet to your leader. There are plenty of videos online that demonstrate these knots, here are links to animations and videos of the clinch knot and the surgeon’s knot.

3. Patience is Key

Fly fishing is a complex sport. There is always something new to learn and always a skill that can be improved upon. It is key to be patient with yourself and your learning progression. This is an activity you can enjoy for a lifetime, no need to rush it. The casting and the knowledge will come over time. Enjoy the process and have fun!

4. Look for Learning Opportunities

Look for learning opportunities in the fly fishing community near you. Local fly casting lessons and fly fishing opportunities are a great way to get practice and learn from others who have more experience. Here at Weatherby’s Lodge we also offer classes and fly fishing learning experiences with our exceptional Registered Maine Guides. We offer women’s fly fishing schools for both novice and intermediate skills levels. We also can set you up with a guide for a day or two of lessons! We pride ourselves in not just teaching you how to fly cast, but to fly fish. Learn more about Weatherby’s fly fishing learning opportunities here.

5.  You Don’t Need to Break the Bank To Get Started

Many folks are intimidated by what can be an overwhelming expense to get into fly fishing, but it should not be.  Most major brands offer starter outfits that will get you casting for not a lot of money.  ORVIS offers the Clearwater line of rods, reels, waders, and boots which is probably best in class across the industry.  Start small, and add to your gear if you enjoy it and want to do more.