Top 10 Streamers For Grand Lake Stream

Flies for fishing in Maine

Streamers are very popular early season fishing through May in Grand Lake Stream as they imitate smelt, a favorite forage fish for salmon as the smelt spawn in the brooks in streams surrounding the area.  There is much history with  streamer patterns in Maine, with the Gray Ghost being the most famous tied by a Carrie Stevens in western Maine in the early 1900’s.  Joe’s Smelt was first tied by Joe Sterling of Danforth Maine and the One Eyed Poacher, my personal favorite, was created in Grand Lake Stream by the “River Master” Bob Upham.  The fly is named after a character in a series of humorous short stories of the same name, written Edmund Ware Smith in the Mid-1900’s that were published in the New Yorker.  The Barnes Special is a local favorite which you will not see many other places.  This pattern was created by Dr. C Lowell Barnes.  I prefer fishing streamer on the large side – sizes 2-6.  Usually 3-4x tippet.  Ideally use a sink tip line and fish the fly very fast, stripping over the areas where fish will lie.

  • Barnes Special
  • Black Ghost
  • Gray Ghost
  • Joe’s Smeltl
  • One Eyed Poacher
  • Big Laker
  • Mickey Finnl
  • Golden Retriever
  • Olive Wooly Biugger
  • Pink Lady

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