Maine Guide Coffee

Campfire Coffee with Weatherby’s

It might be the ambiance, but it could be the presence of hand crafted cedar rib and plank Grand Lake Canoes or the spectacular setting on the Maine lake shore.  Some think it is the blackened coffee pot that has seen hundreds of shore dinners, yet others think it is the egg that the Grand Lake Stream Maine Guide adds to the grounds prior to dumping it all into boiling water.  Still others say it is the gin clear water from our lakes and streams.  Personally, I think it is a combination of all these things plus the addition of wood smoke and cool, clean air.

Regardless of the reasons, most think that our guide coffee is some of the best they have ever had.  It is not a double espresso latte macchiato with carmel whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.  It is coffee.  Usually black coffee.  I have seen many variations – every guide has their own secret – from adding a bit of water the grounds before adding to the pot, maybe letting it boil three times before serving, or mixing the egg and shell into the grounds with a hook-a-roon – a handmade wooden implement used to move the coffee pot on and off the fire – rather than a fork.  There is much superstition surrounding our guide coffee,  however one thing is for sure – you cannot reproduce the taste and satisfaction you will experience at home in your kitchen.  It has been tried many times.  Burning your furniture in the bbq grill in your back yard to reproduce this icon of the Grand Lake Stream Guide just doesn’t cut it.