Weatherby’s Lodge in Grand Lake Stream, Zone 19 is holding an auction for our Bull Moose Tag for September 2023.  Our tag will include full service lodging and dining as well as a full-time guide. Sealed bids should be sent to Weatherby’s Lodge, 112 Milford Road, Grand Lake Stream, ME  04668.  For more information, call us at 207-796-5558 and leave a voicemail.  We will return your call as soon as possible.

Bull moose tag for sale – this is not a lottery

Weatherby’s has a bull tag for zone 19 – Grand Lake Stream area – for the September 25 – 30 season, 2023.  This permit will include full service lodging, dining and guide service for one or two hunters.  West Grand Lake and Weatherby’s sits in the middle of zone 19 and offers hundreds of thousands of acres of commercial timber land, lakes, bogs, streams and rivers to hunt.  We also have exclusive, gated access to tens of thousands of acres, home to several trophy class bulls.  Zone 19 is considered a high success zone with the potential to harvest a 50+ inch moose.  Weatherby’s hunts have seen 100% success.

A moose with large antlers stands in a grassy field, symbolizing Maine Outdoor Adventures.

Bid or Buy it Now

We are offering a Buy It Now price of $20,000 for the moose tag. When a Buy It Now bid is completed and the deposit is paid, the email and mail-in bidding process will end.

Includes Zone 19 Moose tag, guide service, lodging and meals.

Bid or Buy it Now:

  • Weatherby’s Lodge, 112 Milford Road, Grand Lake Stream, ME  04668
  • 207-796-5558

Bull Moose Tag Eligibility Requirements

  • Hunting License Required – Applicants must be eligible for to obtain a Maine big game license by opening day of the moose hunting season.  Minimum age of 10 years by opening day (9/26/22)
  • Three year waiting period – if you have won a permit in the Maine lottery in the past three seasons, you would not be eligible to purchase this tag from Weatherby’s.  If you won the state auction, you would be eligible, however purchase of Weatherby’s tag would require a three-year waiting period for the general Maine moose lottery moving forward.  The restrictions do not apply to sub-permittees or alternate sub-permittees.

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