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Bird hunting in Maine for ruffed grouse and woodcock in Grand Lake Stream, Maine at Weatherby’s Hunting Resort. Best bird hunting in Maine.

Chainsaw Grouse

Dog owners always know in the back of their minds that we will someday need to say goodbye to our friend of many years, too soon in most cases.  How we dog owners deal with that loss varies from person to person and I had always figured when the time came, I would just deal

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Autumn at Weatherby’s

Fall Fishing is Almost Here! Late summer smallmouth fishing is here at Weatherby's in Maine. Cool nights, warm days, a shore dinner and lots of big fish tugging on your lines. That is what you can expect if you come visit this month. The St. Croix River, Big Lake, Spednic Lake, Baskahegan Lake, Grand Falls

The Virginia Sportsman – Spring 2016

The Virginia Sportsman - Spring 2016 Grouse and Woodcock  in DownEast Maine By KING MONTGOMERY - October in Downeast Maine is a magical time of the year and certainly the most beautiful, not just for the stunning fall colors of fall, but also for the excellent upland bird hunting that accompanies the rich tapestry of color. By

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