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Fly Fishing Grand Lake Stream

Grand Lake Stream

Maine Fly Fishing for Native Landlocked Salmon and the Mighty Atlantic Salmon

Fly fishing only since 1903 Grand Lake Stream has lured anglers from around the globe for nearly 2 centuries. This region is only one of four in the state that have native landlocked salmon – cousin the mighty Atlantic salmon. One major difference between the landlocked salmon and its larger relative is that the landlocked salmon are actively feeding while in the Stream during the summer.

The season for the salmon begins early May after the ice leaves our lakes and they follow the smelt, a favorite forage fish, into Grand Lake Stream. Not long after the white suckers move it to spawn another wave of salmon targeting the sucker eggs follows. Late May and June bring the May fly and caddis hatches, followed by alder flies, stoneflies and other terrestrials in July.

Typically during mid-summer the salmon move to the deep pools or into the lakes to feed, only to return in late September and October to spawn. We fish until October 20th and experience tremendous fishing for large salmon in the spawning dress during this time.

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